Monday, March 11, 2013

From Grandpa

Summer 2009: I had been on the cell phone with your daddy, where he, your mom and you lived in Clovis NM. After hanging up from talking with your dad, I settled into my lazyboy chair to watch some TV. About 45 mins to an hour later, my cell phone rings. The caller-id shows John Ulyak Sr. (your dad) calling me again. I answer the phone with the typical "Hello there".. No response, but I do hear noise in the background. All of a sudden I hear you, Jay Jay Jr. on the phone. "Hi" I hear. I tried talking to him, but just kept getting a repeated "Hi". I finally said " Jay Jay, this is grandpa, are you calling me?". "Yes" was the reply. I asked you, "Where's daddy?". "In the front room, watching tv." I replied, "Let me talk to daddy OK.." "No, I wanna talk to you" was the reply. This went on for almost a good 4 minutes or so. Finally I got you to go into the room where daddy was and give him the phone. I heard Jay Sr. say to you "Don't play with the phone." I was talking loud enough it got your daddy's attention and he came on the phone with a "Hello?".. "Yeah, dad here, you know 'lil Jays running up your phone bill?". We both got a laugh out of that. But, keeping in true colors with his brother, almost a month later, my cell phone rings and this time guess who? Yes, Jonah figured out what button to press and called me, just like his big brother did. Both calls were made without mommy or daddy knowing they were calling grandpa. Too funny. Thank goodness for unlimited phone calling within the U.S. We are thankful you don't know about international calling. LOL     Grandpa Ulyak

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