Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gettin Tough

About a year ago you were really beggin for a mowhawk. The closest I was ever able to get to hooking you up was spiking your hair up. Your dad was not havin it! Well, recently you brought it up again. Reluctantly dad agrees to it. The deal is that this is the ONLY time, AAAND that I have to cut it! Say what!!! Uhhh. Ok so its a deal. Today, we cut it. You were so excited and thankful. You are in this stage that you really want to try and be tougher lol. IDK. However, I do know that you are happy, and so am I. Your brother (Jonah) is excited because he gets to wear his batman pajamas and be tough! You two are crazy and I love you all the same!

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