Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Little Helpers

Over the past year or so the two of you have been becoming more helpful around the house. (outside of cleaning your room) There are times when you want to vacuum, sweep, mop, wash dishes, and cook and more. I haven't quite gotten the two of you to wash and fold laundry yet. Whenever we are cleaning something you are always right there asking if you can help. Sometimes we have to say know because its not the right time or project that we can use your help. This does not sit well with you. You get kind of upset and keep asking why and say that you can do it. There's times when you actually rub daddy's feet and back to for a little extra $.My favorite time was when I decided to make doughnuts for us. You were super excited and wanted to start helping from the beginning. However, I couldn't because there wasn't really that much to do. So I made a deal with you that I would make the dough, you could help cut a few, and then I would fry them, and you could decorate them. I must say it went very well, as did the eating of all the doughnuts! You guys enjoyed dipping, rolling, and sprinkling!

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