Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Little Helpers

Over the past year or so the two of you have been becoming more helpful around the house. (outside of cleaning your room) There are times when you want to vacuum, sweep, mop, wash dishes, and cook and more. I haven't quite gotten the two of you to wash and fold laundry yet. Whenever we are cleaning something you are always right there asking if you can help. Sometimes we have to say know because its not the right time or project that we can use your help. This does not sit well with you. You get kind of upset and keep asking why and say that you can do it. There's times when you actually rub daddy's feet and back to for a little extra $.My favorite time was when I decided to make doughnuts for us. You were super excited and wanted to start helping from the beginning. However, I couldn't because there wasn't really that much to do. So I made a deal with you that I would make the dough, you could help cut a few, and then I would fry them, and you could decorate them. I must say it went very well, as did the eating of all the doughnuts! You guys enjoyed dipping, rolling, and sprinkling!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gettin Tough

About a year ago you were really beggin for a mowhawk. The closest I was ever able to get to hooking you up was spiking your hair up. Your dad was not havin it! Well, recently you brought it up again. Reluctantly dad agrees to it. The deal is that this is the ONLY time, AAAND that I have to cut it! Say what!!! Uhhh. Ok so its a deal. Today, we cut it. You were so excited and thankful. You are in this stage that you really want to try and be tougher lol. IDK. However, I do know that you are happy, and so am I. Your brother (Jonah) is excited because he gets to wear his batman pajamas and be tough! You two are crazy and I love you all the same!

Busting Through

Today I was going through my old photos/videos on my phone. I ran across a video of you and your brother playing in the front room, running around in your boxers lol. Our house has doorways on each side of the kitchen. One leading to the hallway, the other the front room. This allowed for running in circles, this meant it was time to get creative. We were tired of building forts. You guys took the cushions from the patio furniture and started building a wall in the kitchen doorway. Then the next thing I knew you were exploding through it after running all the way around it. You had so much fun doing it and I was proud once again of your creative thinking!

Monday, March 11, 2013

From Grandpa

Summer 2009: I had been on the cell phone with your daddy, where he, your mom and you lived in Clovis NM. After hanging up from talking with your dad, I settled into my lazyboy chair to watch some TV. About 45 mins to an hour later, my cell phone rings. The caller-id shows John Ulyak Sr. (your dad) calling me again. I answer the phone with the typical "Hello there".. No response, but I do hear noise in the background. All of a sudden I hear you, Jay Jay Jr. on the phone. "Hi" I hear. I tried talking to him, but just kept getting a repeated "Hi". I finally said " Jay Jay, this is grandpa, are you calling me?". "Yes" was the reply. I asked you, "Where's daddy?". "In the front room, watching tv." I replied, "Let me talk to daddy OK.." "No, I wanna talk to you" was the reply. This went on for almost a good 4 minutes or so. Finally I got you to go into the room where daddy was and give him the phone. I heard Jay Sr. say to you "Don't play with the phone." I was talking loud enough it got your daddy's attention and he came on the phone with a "Hello?".. "Yeah, dad here, you know 'lil Jays running up your phone bill?". We both got a laugh out of that. But, keeping in true colors with his brother, almost a month later, my cell phone rings and this time guess who? Yes, Jonah figured out what button to press and called me, just like his big brother did. Both calls were made without mommy or daddy knowing they were calling grandpa. Too funny. Thank goodness for unlimited phone calling within the U.S. We are thankful you don't know about international calling. LOL     Grandpa Ulyak

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Proud of Mommy

You went to a birthday party recently for two of your classmates. They were twins. Kelden & Kiana. Over the previous couple of weeks I had noticed that you started mentioning someone in your class named Kiana. You talked about her often. You talked about how you played together, how you sat beside her and more. You get these charts weekly telling how well you are behaving. On one day, you had an okay day instead of a great day. We asked you what happened. You said that you were ignoring everybody except Kiana because you were beside her. When you came home with the invitation, you didn't realize what it was until we explained and read it to. As soon as we told you who it was for your eyes lit up and you got a grin across your face. You were very excited to go. Well, at this party you got to be in her group and did trampoline jumps, and jumps into a styrofoam pit, and bounce castle. During the party the best thing for me was when everyone was eating cake. You were sitting beside Kiana of course!Well, she dropped her cake on her skirt and was crying. I came over to help her take it off, and then her mom was there to help so I went to sit back down once I got it off so she could clean her skirt. Well, when I sat down you mentioned to her mommy how I helped take the cake off her skirt. You looked at me and said "mom". I turned to look at you and from across the room over the kids you put your thumbs up, winked, and smiled at me. You were so proud of me for helping your friend. You are such sweet little boy!

Monday, March 4, 2013


So, one day you were so interested in T ball  We signed you up, you went out there tried your best, did really well I must say, then it at went downhill from there. I must say that your attitude at the time sucked, but it makes sense now. You weren't being properly taught by your coach how to play the game, how to play the different positions. You weren't given an equal chance among other players to play different positions. You weren't taught to how to have fun with the sport, and how to build teamwork. You were frustrated, upset, and lost interest quickly. Today, you look like you should be the quarterback of a football team. You are more active and are becoming more interested in starting a sport again. My concern is, what happens if you change your mind again. All, I can do is support you. I can do my part by making sure that the coach is doing his job in teaching the dynamics of the sport you choose. I can keep you motivated by keeping you encouraged and answering questions you have and not pressuring you. I just hope that you find the sport you like soon to get all that energy out and build your self confidence around others. I thought it was impressive that you can actually throw a smaller football with pretty good spiral and distance. Then yesterday, you went back to the store and spent your earnings from our garage sale on a play punching bag stand. You absolutely love it, you look like a beast, and your punches look pretty good to me. I don't know if I should be scared or proud. Maybe, I am a little bit of both. You are trying something knew, and gaining confidence in yourself, but i am worried at how much you will be hurt!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ready to Go

(I give snacks out)
(I set up the toys)
(Clean up)
(Decorate garage)
(Move stuff were it is suppose to be)
So, recently we decided that we absolutely need to move from our current house. We haven't set on a place yet, but are looking. So, all in the same time we have been teaching you about business, earning money,. and saving money, and spending money wisely. This has been been an integral part of your chore chart we have set up as your first step to learning this. You are right now able to earn up to $7 a week on your allowance if you complete all your tasks. Its going pretty well, but you don't always complete all your chores everyday. Currently  with the impending move once school is out, you suggested that we have a garage sale! So, we are. Over the past few days, you have been working hard with dad on cleaning up the garage, and your room. In this process, you are judging what items you would like to sell, and how much you would like to sell them for. So far, its going very well. You have agreed that you would be in charge of selling toys. Then  you realized that you wanted to earn more money. So, we have set up a plan that you are going to sell popcorn and some sort of drink. I hope you decide soon because the sale is in like 2 days! You even started making a list of those items, what you need to sell those items, where you want it to go, and so on. I'm very impressed with your "management" of of all the things you are trying to do! This will prove to serve you well when you get older.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playing Catch Up

(video of random dancing about 3 yrs old in this video)
So, I had just recently returned from a 3-4 month deployment, right before your 2nd birthday I believe Jay. I wasn't even sure if I was going to make it home in time, because right at the end of my deployment, attacks had started becoming more prevalent. The day before we were suppose to leave, we had a scare and we were locked down and told to take shelter. They nearly cancelled all flights out and in. I was scared, and sad. I cried inside because I was already missing so much of you learning new things and talking, etc. Almost everyday I got awesome pictures of you through email. However, when I got home, I wasnt expecting how much you grew, and your word development, and how much you were becoming independent. I was shocked, proud, and resentful all at the same time. It was so amazing seeing you trying to do things on your own, and communicating with us. We took a video of that day and have it on my computer. You were to cute for words! To this day, you amaze us with how much you have grown and learned throughout the years. You have gone to the store on many occasions and with your allowance bought yourself and your brother little toys. You made him very happy, and at the same time you were teaching him about being kind, and giving even though you didnt know it at the time. Now, when we go to store with Jonah from time to time and he wants to get something, as soon as he asks, he now asks if he can get you one too so that you are happy too. :)

Through Daddy's Eyes

It was the late spring in '07.  Jay Jr, you were sleeping on the front couch. I went to start catching up on work in my room when I heard the refrigerator door slam.  You and I were the only ones home and you were only 18 months at the time.  I went to the kitchen and to my surprise I found you had managed to sneak an ice cream sandwich.  This was the first time that you had “helped” yourself.  It was too funny, to be clear you actually grabbed to whole box.  I very quietly followed behind you closing the freezer door and followed you to the front room.  I did not say a word I just watched.  You opened the box very nicely and pulled out one sandwich. I managed to grab the video cam we used at the time.  I knew it wasn't the right time for ice cream as it was right during your nap time.  I learned that allowing certain situations the ability to unfold can teach us many lessons.  For you on that day, you learned that you have the ability to figure out how to obtain something you wanted but also have the reward that came from your own abilities.  I was once again, very proud of you son.

I love  you,

John J Ulyak Sr

Monday, February 25, 2013

In Sickness & Health

 So, there are alot of times were you absolutely are so worked up that you drive us kinda crazy. There are times that you are so full of energy and playfulness that you make us weak with laughter. Then there are the times when you are sick and so pitiful, that we hurt inside and get sad to see you so miserable.
 When you are disrespectful and don't follow rules we have to figure out a way to punish you, but also teach you at the same time to understand what you are being punished for and how you can prevent it from happening again. There are times that we restrict you from television all together, or just your favorite shows. There are times that we send you to your room to think about your actions. There are times that we take away your video games, and then there are times when we have to hand out the spankings.
When you are playful, we enjoy chasing you around the house in circles. We enjoy wrestling with you, and being your bad guys. We enjoy going out back and playing a little soccer or flag football.

Then, when you are sick, we don't enjoy the fact that you are unhappy, and can't get comfortable.Your head hurts, your throat hurts, your whole body hurts, you are coughing and running a fever. We hate that you have to miss out on all the fun you could be having at school or with us because you have to rest. We hate that you cant enjoy your meals like you usually do. We hate that you have to take the one medicine that you absolutely refuse to take to make you better. But, we don't hate that we love to get to hold you when you are feeling ill. We love how you sleep beside us and cuddle because it makes you a little more comfortable. We melt when we see your poor little eyes well up with tears because you are hurting. We love the big warm hugs and kisses we get to give you to help comfort you. We love being able to just have you sit on our laps or right beside us on the couch and watch your favorite shows until you finally fall asleep.
We love you, and are glad that you are ours to have & to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, (thanks to allowance), in sickness & health, to love & to cherish til death do us part.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

To Be or Not To Be

So today, after re-reading one of the posts I made  regarding your next door neighbor adventure, it made me remember two other events that involved you and some girls :) You are so kind and thoughtful of others. I am very proud to know you posses those qualities. One day you came up to me and asked about giving this girl in your class "your girlfriend" some flowers that you picked from the lawn.These were little tiny weed flowers, but I know the thought of even doing that was so much bigger. I asked you if you would rather get her some better flowers instead. You agreed and so we went off to the store to make a choice. I asked you about her favorite colors and things, and then we picked out some beautiful pink carnations. I loved being able to share that moment with you. I stood back as you picked them out, and smiled as I saw your smile grow big an eyes light up when you found the right ones. So we paid for them, and put them in a vase until the next day. After coming home from school you let me know that she liked them very much, and said thank you, and had her teacher put them in a vase until she could go home. Secondhand, daddy and I were waiting for that phone call from her daddy to tell you to back off lol. But they were actually very surprised by it and thought that it was so sweet.
The next time you wanted to give a girl you liked something special was this past valentines day(2013). So, after picking out normal valentines you decided to get her one of those giant pencils with hearts and words on it. She liked the pencil but wasn't as receptive to the gift, she was kind of confused by it. But, that's ok. Both of you are still young, and maybe she doesn't even know that you like her. So, the point is this, there may be a lot of girls in your future and there may not be. The key to finding the right one, is to continue being you. Be the one that is respectful, the one who will do anything to see them smile. That is something that no girl should be left without when being in a relationship.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Butterflies in the Belly...

So, this story is through my husband. While I was in school this happened, and my husband shared it with me, and now I am sharing it with you. My heart is beaming with pride knowing that my little boy is becoming a wonderful young man. 

We had just got back from running errands.  As we were getting out of the car, there were two kids walking toward the car.  I saw it was the young neighbor girls that the kids always beg and plea to go play with.  I quickly jumped out of the car and opened up the back door quickly for Jay (hoping he would run into them).  As I was taking bags out of the trunk, my attention drifted and focused on the "programmed" encounter I had hoped for. My son talked to the girls, then resumed his trek to the front door of the house. I asked if everything was ok and he told me, "Yeah they asked me if wanted to go find bugs with them." But that's where the story stopped.  I had to ask, "Well are you gonna go?" He told me he didn't know.  He then stopped, thought and said, "Can I?" I told him of course and he ran back outside to catch them.  Something told me I would see him in just a few minutes as the temp was dropping outside and he left his jacket by the door.  I ran upstairs and grabbed my nice compact/high output flashlight that he always asks to use, but is always told to find one of his toy flashlights.  I heard the door downstairs open and what sounded like a tornado was Jay.  He ran back outside and I told him to, "Wait!" Startled, he turned around and I said, "You better take this..." His eyes lit up and as he turned to run back to his engagement, I really noticed how big he was getting. Its the small little things everyday, that make life beautiful.