Sunday, March 10, 2013

Proud of Mommy

You went to a birthday party recently for two of your classmates. They were twins. Kelden & Kiana. Over the previous couple of weeks I had noticed that you started mentioning someone in your class named Kiana. You talked about her often. You talked about how you played together, how you sat beside her and more. You get these charts weekly telling how well you are behaving. On one day, you had an okay day instead of a great day. We asked you what happened. You said that you were ignoring everybody except Kiana because you were beside her. When you came home with the invitation, you didn't realize what it was until we explained and read it to. As soon as we told you who it was for your eyes lit up and you got a grin across your face. You were very excited to go. Well, at this party you got to be in her group and did trampoline jumps, and jumps into a styrofoam pit, and bounce castle. During the party the best thing for me was when everyone was eating cake. You were sitting beside Kiana of course!Well, she dropped her cake on her skirt and was crying. I came over to help her take it off, and then her mom was there to help so I went to sit back down once I got it off so she could clean her skirt. Well, when I sat down you mentioned to her mommy how I helped take the cake off her skirt. You looked at me and said "mom". I turned to look at you and from across the room over the kids you put your thumbs up, winked, and smiled at me. You were so proud of me for helping your friend. You are such sweet little boy!

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