Monday, March 4, 2013


So, one day you were so interested in T ball  We signed you up, you went out there tried your best, did really well I must say, then it at went downhill from there. I must say that your attitude at the time sucked, but it makes sense now. You weren't being properly taught by your coach how to play the game, how to play the different positions. You weren't given an equal chance among other players to play different positions. You weren't taught to how to have fun with the sport, and how to build teamwork. You were frustrated, upset, and lost interest quickly. Today, you look like you should be the quarterback of a football team. You are more active and are becoming more interested in starting a sport again. My concern is, what happens if you change your mind again. All, I can do is support you. I can do my part by making sure that the coach is doing his job in teaching the dynamics of the sport you choose. I can keep you motivated by keeping you encouraged and answering questions you have and not pressuring you. I just hope that you find the sport you like soon to get all that energy out and build your self confidence around others. I thought it was impressive that you can actually throw a smaller football with pretty good spiral and distance. Then yesterday, you went back to the store and spent your earnings from our garage sale on a play punching bag stand. You absolutely love it, you look like a beast, and your punches look pretty good to me. I don't know if I should be scared or proud. Maybe, I am a little bit of both. You are trying something knew, and gaining confidence in yourself, but i am worried at how much you will be hurt!

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