Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just Because

You are always doing something that either upsets me, makes me laugh histerically, or makes me wonder where you come up with all these things. They way you talk is developing everyday, forming huge conversations even with complete strangers. You definitely will need the time to develop how you talk to people. You very matter of factly when you speak. Like you know for sure that what you say is the law, and that if anyone says or questions that you let them know it. You watch all kinds of learning shows. You are learning how to know what opposites are, the correct answers to their adventures and more. You make my heart melt everymorning when you get up from bed and climb on me a wrap your arms around me just like we did when you were a baby. Even at 4 years old you are still me baby boy. Passing on huge running hugs that nearly knock me over at random times throughout the day. I love all the random things you say. Just yesterday we all went to dinner together and you enjoyed your nachos. Your older brother tricked your dad into looking at his hand that is in the ok shape and below the belt, which invokes a punch to the one who looks at it. Yes, dad looked. Then, you start doing again the way you always do, except you dont play by the rules. You just show it right in front of someones face and then hit them. So, I was trying to teach you that you arent doing it correctly and that you are cheating. You look at me and say "Im not a cheater mom, Im just a winner." I laughed so loud. You are too much. I love you so much and appreciate your humor. It always brings me back to knowing why I love you so much!

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