Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Talk

 Wait, what? You're only 7! You're only in the first grade! You cant be asking these questions yet! And Jonah? You're only 4! You're not even out of preschool yet! However, you are a very good learner, and I think you are starting to understand your body. So, it seems you had the talk with dad one day while I was at school. I wont go into the details because I know this wasnt an easy question for you to talk to dad about, nor was it easy for him to answer either. But you should know that its ok. As a boy growing up you will experience a lot of feelings and changes. You need to know that we will always answer any questions you may have. Jonah lately you have been laying around the couch, and the floor, etc at random times. Then I noticed that you always have your hands under you covering your privates. I think I finally understand that you too are starting to experience feelings in your private area. Dad told me that he talked with you too a little bit about what your feeling. He wanted you to know that hes not upset with what you are doing but we dont want you hurt yourself laying the way you are. Its kinda cute the way you try and lay different positions and get mad us for asking if you are ok. I think you are still in the stage of understanding and confused about what is happening and what to say and do. Thats ok too. We love you to pieces and will be there for you too.

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