Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ready to Go

(I give snacks out)
(I set up the toys)
(Clean up)
(Decorate garage)
(Move stuff were it is suppose to be)
So, recently we decided that we absolutely need to move from our current house. We haven't set on a place yet, but are looking. So, all in the same time we have been teaching you about business, earning money,. and saving money, and spending money wisely. This has been been an integral part of your chore chart we have set up as your first step to learning this. You are right now able to earn up to $7 a week on your allowance if you complete all your tasks. Its going pretty well, but you don't always complete all your chores everyday. Currently  with the impending move once school is out, you suggested that we have a garage sale! So, we are. Over the past few days, you have been working hard with dad on cleaning up the garage, and your room. In this process, you are judging what items you would like to sell, and how much you would like to sell them for. So far, its going very well. You have agreed that you would be in charge of selling toys. Then  you realized that you wanted to earn more money. So, we have set up a plan that you are going to sell popcorn and some sort of drink. I hope you decide soon because the sale is in like 2 days! You even started making a list of those items, what you need to sell those items, where you want it to go, and so on. I'm very impressed with your "management" of of all the things you are trying to do! This will prove to serve you well when you get older.


  1. I love kid hand writing. I would always spell with backwards lettters when I was little. Lol

  2. Yep. I wish I still had things like this growing up. We have actually started a keepsake bin for him and his brother. We keep so many of his art works, writing, etc., from each grade so that he can go back and take a look at how much hes done and changed!

    1. That's such a good idea! I always wished that my mom would've saved my old projects from elementary haha. It looks like you have a very bright little boy!