Thursday, February 21, 2013

To Be or Not To Be

So today, after re-reading one of the posts I made  regarding your next door neighbor adventure, it made me remember two other events that involved you and some girls :) You are so kind and thoughtful of others. I am very proud to know you posses those qualities. One day you came up to me and asked about giving this girl in your class "your girlfriend" some flowers that you picked from the lawn.These were little tiny weed flowers, but I know the thought of even doing that was so much bigger. I asked you if you would rather get her some better flowers instead. You agreed and so we went off to the store to make a choice. I asked you about her favorite colors and things, and then we picked out some beautiful pink carnations. I loved being able to share that moment with you. I stood back as you picked them out, and smiled as I saw your smile grow big an eyes light up when you found the right ones. So we paid for them, and put them in a vase until the next day. After coming home from school you let me know that she liked them very much, and said thank you, and had her teacher put them in a vase until she could go home. Secondhand, daddy and I were waiting for that phone call from her daddy to tell you to back off lol. But they were actually very surprised by it and thought that it was so sweet.
The next time you wanted to give a girl you liked something special was this past valentines day(2013). So, after picking out normal valentines you decided to get her one of those giant pencils with hearts and words on it. She liked the pencil but wasn't as receptive to the gift, she was kind of confused by it. But, that's ok. Both of you are still young, and maybe she doesn't even know that you like her. So, the point is this, there may be a lot of girls in your future and there may not be. The key to finding the right one, is to continue being you. Be the one that is respectful, the one who will do anything to see them smile. That is something that no girl should be left without when being in a relationship.

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