Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Butterflies in the Belly...

So, this story is through my husband. While I was in school this happened, and my husband shared it with me, and now I am sharing it with you. My heart is beaming with pride knowing that my little boy is becoming a wonderful young man. 

We had just got back from running errands.  As we were getting out of the car, there were two kids walking toward the car.  I saw it was the young neighbor girls that the kids always beg and plea to go play with.  I quickly jumped out of the car and opened up the back door quickly for Jay (hoping he would run into them).  As I was taking bags out of the trunk, my attention drifted and focused on the "programmed" encounter I had hoped for. My son talked to the girls, then resumed his trek to the front door of the house. I asked if everything was ok and he told me, "Yeah they asked me if wanted to go find bugs with them." But that's where the story stopped.  I had to ask, "Well are you gonna go?" He told me he didn't know.  He then stopped, thought and said, "Can I?" I told him of course and he ran back outside to catch them.  Something told me I would see him in just a few minutes as the temp was dropping outside and he left his jacket by the door.  I ran upstairs and grabbed my nice compact/high output flashlight that he always asks to use, but is always told to find one of his toy flashlights.  I heard the door downstairs open and what sounded like a tornado was Jay.  He ran back outside and I told him to, "Wait!" Startled, he turned around and I said, "You better take this..." His eyes lit up and as he turned to run back to his engagement, I really noticed how big he was getting. Its the small little things everyday, that make life beautiful.

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